Medic Murder Mix

And So It Was Said...

Testimonials from actual customers

“We used Medic Murder Mix for an outdoor dance performance in a field of tall grass, both dancers and audience members were happy and bug-bite-free! Plus it smells good and you could wear it as perfume!”
Bear H.
Artist, Yoga Instructor/New Orleans, LA.

 “Being a professional Makeup Artist for feature films; many in various parts of Louisiana swampland, I was constantly battling mosquitos, chiggers, gnats and other various biting pests from actors as well as from myself. Nothing holistic and DEET free worked in our environment until Kris Butler, our Set Medic introduced me to Medic Murder Mix. Now it’s the only repellant I keep in the trailer, my set bag, and at home. Medic Murder Mix is truly amazing. It naturally hydrates skin, repels insects, and doesn’t affect the applied makeup nor prosthetics and it smells good. Medic Murder Mix is also the perfect repellant for sensitive skin and children. No more nasty bites!”
Remi S.
Makeup Journeyman/Key West, FL.

“I was part of a test group using Medic Murder Mix hydrating holistic bug spray. Kris wanted to develop a bug spray without chemicals and that would be safe for adults and children to use. This product works and smells great. I have passed it on to many friends and they are happy with the product too. I have friends that use Medic Murder Mix on their dogs for hot spots, fleas and ticks. They swear by Medic Murder Mix. It also works great for after-bites too!  If you want natural and effective, this is the product to use.”
Bainbridge Island, WA.

“I love your wonderful product, Medic Murder Mix! I live on the Delta where there are many mosquitos and other flying critters. Medic Murder Mix has put an end to the bites and itchiness I experienced in the past. The scent is light and lovely and it totally leaves my skin hydrated! I leave a bottle in our guest bathroom and many people have sprayed it on themselves and love the scent and wonderfully soft skin results! I even spray it on our cat! You are to be commended for creating such a great product.”
Carol F.
Stockton, CA.

 “I have used Medic Murder Mix as a staple bug spray in my travels and on location with film work. This is a multi use product…too many benefits to list!!! Try it out for yourself…a must have in the medicine cabinet or just for holistic purposes!! The ingredients are based on natural chemistry and the smell is delightful. I find it to be very pleasant to the skin compared to other harsh products on the market. A sure deterrent for pesty insects, thank you Kris for developing a product with so many uses!”
Vicki J.
Senior Publicist, IATSE 600 Camera Guild/Austin, TX.

“Medic Murder Mix is my go to for all things buggy. The actors love the way it smells and it works great whether you are in the swamps of Louisiana or just in your backyard. It was our number one bug-fighter on the Award Winning FX  Network Series, American Horror Story.”
Eryn M.
Department Head Makeup/Los Angeles, CA.

“Medic Murder Mix has made my life so much better! I work all across the United States on various film sets. The reason why this is important is because once I am on location, I am there sometimes sixteen plus hours and need the right product to protect me from the harsh elements I am exposed to on set. Most of the time the only thing available on set are the typical bug repellants loaded with harmful chemicals that still don’t work, until I found Medic Murder Mix. This is the only product that is safe, natural, smells great, and works in any environment!  Now it’s the only product I use, I love this stuff!”
Debbi M.
Picture Car Coordinator, Teamsters 399/Metairie, LA.

“Hello, my name is Randy Gonzalez, I am an actor in SE Louisiana, it’s true what they say about the heat and mosquitos, both can beat you up pretty badly. I’ve used several products to beat the heat and nothing compares to Medic Murder Mix, it takes care of the bites you have with natural oils and keeps away future bites. Try Medic Murder Mix, it kills the burn.”
Randy G.
Actor/Animal Wrangler/New Orleans, LA.

“I used Medic Murder Mix on a pretty bad sunburn a got over the weekend on my head and face. It stopped the pain, AND the next day my skin was hardly red and no peeling!”
Kevin B.
Olympia WA.

“Medic Murder Mix stopped an allergic reaction from happening today after I got stung by a wasp on set. I have been stung by a wasp in the past, and the area that was stung had swollen up as my entire body began itching from the inside out. What stopped the process from increasing was an over the counter conventional antihistamine that made me feel sick, as well as extremely tired. I could not finish the day at work, but the second time I was stung a year later, I used Medic Murder Mix and it stopped the itching right away and the welt from the sting mark went down. No swelling or itching at all!”
Gina J.
Production Assistant/Shreveport, LA.

“I have tried Medic Murder Mix at night and in the am, my two worst times when I walk the dogs. Not a single bite! And the dogs don’t mind it either. I will be getting more of this!”
Bernadette W.

“My friends said your bug spray smells too good to be bug spray and that you need to make fragrances. We love it!”
Tanner E.
Broadcasting/Houston, TX.

“Medic Murder Mix is THE best bug spray I have ever used! I lived in Fresno, CA. for a few years, and the mosquitos there will eat you alive. With my first bottle I tested it out on a swarm of mosquitos that attacked us one night. The entire swarm literally left the area we were in,,,and didn’t come back the rest of the time we were out there! It’s all-natural and smells so good I also spray it on my bed linens and furniture. Plus it leaves my skin moisturized! LOVE it!”
Andrea D.
Owner of Happy Life Housekeeping/San Jose, CA.

“Having just returned from a week in Tulum Mexico and staying in the jungle-side, I was really able to put Medic Murder Mix to the test with the mosquitos, and it was my savior! We slept in an open-air cabin on the beach and spent all day outdoors, and I had less than a handful of bites the whole trip. I have recently become obsessed with various body oils, so I was thrilled to discover a bug spray that not only works on bugs, but has wonderful, skin-glowing benefits that you get from essential oils. And this stuff smells amazing too! While in Mexico, I would pretty much shower in it, putting it on my face and hair, and it does wonders for hydrating everything. I even slept in it at night, something I would never do with a commercial bug spray. I can’t say enough great things about Medic Murder Mix!”
Charlotte J.
Roth Law Firm, LLC./New Orleans, LA.

“While working on a top rated television series shooting in the Atlanta area for the past six years, our cast and crew are constantly being subjected to the creepy crawlies of Georgia when we shoot outside in wooded areas. Our *GO TO* solution is Medic Murder Mix. We have many cast members who won’t use any other type of repellant on their skin-we cannot keep enough of it in stock! The mix works so well, that I always take a bottle with me to Central America to ward off mosquitos and sand fleas. Medic Murder Mix works wonders on those trips…so much that friends who live there are continually asking me to send them refills!”
Amy C.
Production Coordinator/Decatur, GA.

“Medic Murder Mix is a fantastic product that I have been using since its humble beginnings. While it’s true it was invented for actors and crewmembers, Kris Butler has created an incredible natural botanical insect repellant product that gives everyone a natural choice in protecting yourself against bug bites. Kris has painstakingly researched each and every essential oil in this product to insure not only a quality product that exceeds anything else like it on the market for keeping bugs at bay, but also provides aromatherapy, softens and hydrates dry skin while remaining plant based and natural. I use “Medic Murder Mix” before heading outside on every adventure whether I am gardening, hiking, kayaking, or camping. Medic Murder Mix places an extra layer of protection between me and those pests that I have come to rely on, not just for me, but for my best friend Adonis the Wonder Dog too!”
Kim “Rocket” B.
Alchemy Consultant (Pseudoscientific forerunner of Chemistry in Medieval Times) Olympia, WA.


“Adonis the Wonder Dog LOVES the outdoors AND his Medic Murder Mix protection! Adonis is a nine-year old lab/pit mix that spends many days adventuring with me up and down the West Coast, but mostly in the forests of the Pacific Northwest these days. One day I decided to spray Medic Murder Mix on a fleabite he was reacting to. Not only did Adonis willingly sit still so I could spray him, before my own eyes I saw the red irritated skin begin to calm down! Adonis actually turned around so I could spray his legs and back! After all, it has several essential oils that are known to calm and sooth skin. I now spray Adonis before hiking in wooded areas, and spray his bedding regularly to help keep his area pest free and smelling great! I am proud to have a sister that cares so much for the well being of others that she refused to settle for anything less than her commitment to pure safe and natural ingredients that work. Sister endorsed, Adonis the Wonder Dog approved! We LOVE our Medic Murder Mix!
Adonis the Wonder Dog
Olympia, WA.


“This is Boudreaux. Underneath his cuts and terrible skin, he’s quite handsome. I gave him a medicated bath today which he really enjoyed, and topped it off with Medic Murder Mix, a kind of multipurpose, gentle tonic that my friend Kris Butler makes. He really loved that as it also got the flies off him. I didn’t want to leave him today-such a sweet calm dog. I use this on dogs at the animal shelter where I really helps keep the gnats off the dogs-when I spray this on their backs, you can see the gnats flying away! I also put it on their “hotspots” and over a few days the redness and inflammation goes down. I use this myself too as mosquito repellant or itch away. And it smells great to boot.”
Renee Y.
Science Teacher/Shelter Volunteer/New Orleans, LA.

Marcos G.

“Best stuff ever, I love this Mix, not only natural but helped with fleas and hot spots this year on not just me lol but my dogs and cat, safe for animals. It does not say that, but I have tried it and it works wonders! My oldest dog had lost fur due to hotspots and now her coat is full and shiny. It is a miracle mix, also use this on set and was a test for product with Kris Butler on set. She is a true friend and much thanks! I know everyone uses it.”
Marcos G.
Head Hair Department Local Union 798/Hollywood, CA.

“I love this stuff…works great…A few days ago my neighbor was saying none of the sprays worked for her…I told her about this…let her try it…SHE WAS SO HAPPY! IT WORKED FOR HER! And she loved the way it smelled and made her skin feel…
Thank you Kris Butler for making this awesome product.”
Dottie B.
Craft Service/Tyler, TX.

“Great product! We use it at Body Doc’s Gym! We don’t have A/C so all the windows are open and bugs come in. It really works!”
John T.
Owner of Body Doctor’s Gym/New Orleans, LA.

“Keeps skeeters off my skin. Made from a really high quality batch of ingredients. Smells good too!”
Bret “Preacherman” C.
Teamster/Dallas, TX.

“OMG this bug spray was amazing!!! Kris, the on set medic on “Carter and June” sprayed this on me every day and even though we shot in strip clubs, marshlands and other critter infested locations, I did not get a single bug bite the entire shoot…and that’s saying a lot for working in Louisiana. This product was a producer favorite at video village.
Tiffany T.
Script Supervisor/Studio City, CA.

“Just got back from Fiji and I’ve gotta say, my Medic Murder Mix bug spray was truly a life saver. No horrible bites for me and no stinky smell like so many others. Completely healthy for me and the planet. You have a user for life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Cheers to Medic Murder Mix! I found another use. The flies here in Disco Bay are relentless they literally attack the heck out of you. It Works! They literally won’t come within a foot of me I swear I’m going to spray the whole damn deck.”
Debbie W.
Owner of Fusion 3 Salon/Discovery Bay, CA.

“I’ve used this on a shoot out on a farm, near the bayou. It works great, smells great, and not afraid to put it on my face. I still have a bottle and rave about it to my friends. When they’re over they use it too. Can’t wait to send people to the website to purchase it on their own!”
Jessica B.
Associate Producer/LaPlace, LA.

“Awesome Kris!!! I invited friends and family that I know live and go places that this would be beneficial and now asking me!!! LOL! We will love it! (proud of you btw! Excellent job my friend!!!)”
Lisa S.
Brentwood, CA.

“I use to be highly allergic to mosquito bites and had to carry an EPI Pen for the times when it got really bad. Since I started using Medic Murder Mix several years ago, not only do I not get mosquito bites, but if I do get a bite where I didn’t cover myself, my body doesn’t react to mosquito bites the same way. I can also use Medic Murder Mix as an after-bite and watch the redness and swelling go away, and itching stops on contact. I’m not telling people to stop carrying an Epinephrine auto injector, but this product works for me!”
Candice M.
Location Scout/RN/Metairie, LA.