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Medic Murder Mix

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TSA-Approved Adventure Size Bottle

2.7 Ounce TSA-Approved Adventure Size Bottle: $10.00

Didn’t think mummies could fly? Well, this one can! No need to check your bag when taking your next adventure. You can keep the bottle right in your pocket for any trips around the world or just going down the street. The durable slim line design aluminum bottle lets you carry “the Mix” with you for cycling, climbing, paddling, hiking, surfing, and yes, even jumping out of a plane to explore uncharted fortune deep in the jungles of ancient history!

8-Ounce Plastic Bottle

8-ounce size plastic bottle: $25.00

Our biggest size! These plastic bottles are rugged and light enough to take anywhere! Our cobalt blue bottles are made of the highest quality grade plastic and will keep your product alive for years! but you’ll probably go through it way before then when you find out how many uses Medic Medic Mix has!

4-Ounce Aluminum Bottle

4-ounce size aluminum bottle: $15.00

Need something smaller and just throwing it in a bag? Okay, we got this! Our light aluminum bottle adds that extra protection by keeping your favorite product safe from the other things in you bag...

4-Ounce Plastic Bottle

4-ounce size glass bottle: $15.00

Yes, we even have yet another choice! Why not keep it fun? These are our classic glass cobalt blue essential oil bottles. These are made of thick, high quality glass that are still sturdy, and we’ll admit, just look really amazing...

3 Pack

Still Can't Decide Package: $50.00

Still can’t decide or want to have an option to keep the one you want and give the others as gifts? Perfect! We wanted to give you a break for buying all four so we discounted the still can’t decide package by $15!

Mummy Keychain

Mummy Keychain: $10.00

Legend has it even the ancient pharaohs had a sidekick who hung-out, this one just happens to be hanging from your key chain or even your rearview mirror ready to go on your next adventure! Measures 3" tall x 2 1/2" wide.

Wild Bunch - 5 Mummy Keychains

The WIld Bunch Package: $50.00

Don’t know how many to get? We’ll sweeten the deal! Buy five mummy key chains and get a free 2.7 ounce adventure size bottle of Medic Murder Mix! These make great gifts in any situation and are a big reminder to stay protected with “The Mix.”

Something for Free!

You can spread the love when you buy a case of “the mix” that will earn you one free 8 ounce size bottle, bringing you to the lucky thirteen with your order! You can customize your case with any size bottles. It’s our way of saying thank you for being so great.

All cases contain 12 bottles per case.


Want to carry “the Mix” in your store as the perfect fit? Wholesale cost available for retail venders. Please email or call for prices list.